European Project Socrates Comenius

This project stemmed from the aim of creating more healthy and happier society within Europe. In our world, people have unhealthy lives because of eating junk food, smoking, avoiding physical activity,, being exposed to harmful substances, etc. There are so many diseases and the number of people who are fatally ill is increasing rapidly. The children spend too much time on TV and videogames instead of outdoor games and physical activity.
Because of the popularity of fast food all over the world, unhealthy nutrition is replacing the consumption of fruit, vegetables, diary products and plain water. We are aware of the fact that when people are not physical healthy, it is very difficult for them to be mentally and emotionally healthy. If we want to have healthy generations with healthy brains, we have to start health education as early as possible. Children should get the necessary education on balanced
nutrition, importance of physical activity, keeping away from dangers substances and personal hygiene. That's why such as a project play a crucial role in integrating health education into pre-preschool education and cooperate on it with international partners.
Besides health education for pupils, we also achieve experience, idea and knowledge exchange of teachers between partner schools.
The project is supposed to appeal to many fields from health education in pre-primary schools to teacher development and intercultural dialogue and cooperation.